Welcome to a new blog

Welcome to my blog – this is the first post, but not ‘my’ first post. Previous to this blog I have kept 2 other blogs relating to residencies I have done.

Bronze casting blog

The first blog I started in 2010 during my 3 month residency in Pietrasanta in a bronze foundry. I was quite conscientious at the time: documenting my time and all the amazing experiences I had, trying to blog every 3 or 4 days (most of the time). You can see that blog on the artist-newsletter ‘artist talking’ section:


Bronze Casting in Italy
Bronze Casting in Italy

One Creative Year blog

I then kept a slightly more relaxed blog during my residency at Pangolin London (from Jan 2011). This was a year long residency, which also coincided with being heavily pregnant and then having a new born second son. As a result I often only blogged every month or longer, but it is also an interesting record of the process.


In the Pangolin Studio feeding a 6 month old and doing research and drawing.
In the Pangolin Studio feeding a 6 month old and doing research and drawing.


I will have to see how this blog evolves, but I will probably not be posting things that often at least to begin with as I am very busy preparing for my first solo show, which is at Pangolin London (15th May – 15th June 2013). However, I aim to use this blog to track work in progress as well as the evolution of my thinking.

I hope you like my new look website that is launching along side this new blog. It was designed and built by my very clever friend Sam Urquhart www.mrsthinkythoughthead.com/.

Many thanks for reading, and feel free to leave a comment if you want to.

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One Response to Welcome to a new blog

  1. Hey Briony, Dad just sent me an article about your current exhibition, and I’ve found my way to your website as a result. I had no idea what you were up to, and more importantly just how stunningly brilliant and beautiful it is. As someone who loves art I love the forms, but being scientifically challenged I’ve just had a quick lesson from Si (hub and chem teacher) so I now get it as well as love it…

    I wish I could be in London to come and see it, but at least I feel inspired as I sit down to write my latest assignment having just finally got the famous five to bed. So thankyou….

    Shirley x

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