New body of work made of Rammed Earth

Rammed earth sculpture: I have been developing a new body of work using rammed earth:

Earth Time and Disruption, Rammed Earth, 2017

The works started as wax maquettes:

Which were then scaled up

Form work was made of plywood

Earth Time Form work

Layers are colour coded

Layer plan on form work

The first completed rammed earth sculpture was Earth Time:

Earth Time Earth Time


I then experimented with adding Iron Oxide Pigment to give a red colour

Iron Oxide

And more complex formwork


The second rammed earth sculpture: Disruption


I discovered the form work and baking paper on the bottom of the sculptures had amazing traces of earth left on them:


Traces of earth on the form work

My studio was full of earth

More works followed which investigated rotating the layers relative to the horizontal and the relationship between the form work and the sculpture.

Cardboard maquette making


Cline Limb

Cline Limb Cline Limb

Make Cline

Make Cline


To see the finished work please see the artworks page: Rammed Earth Sculptures

Edit: Briony has since created a large Rammed Earth sculpture on a headland just outside Bournemouth. Click here to find out more about this public artwork:

Layers of Bournemouth - public artwork

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